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Bernard Jacobs
Software Developer - Web Developer - Reverse Engineer

Here's some things I've done

Want to see the code for all of my projects? It's all here

Some things about me

I aim to improve my skill-set and I strive to learn everyday. Learning Bootstrap, vue.js, and Laravel from the ground up are my current goals for those that are curious. However, I'm open to switching as time progresses and new opportunities become available.

  • I write software in a variety of languages including: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, SQL, C, C++, Java, and MIPS. With a high level of adaptability, learning new languages is a cinch.
  • I create system patches which hook into memory of loaded processes at run-time. This includes patching of operating system kernel modules as well reverse engineering software.
  • I create desktop applications using high-level programming concepts with ease.

Need to get in touch?

Feel free to tell me about something that's on your mind by contacting me using the email below. Even if it's simple things like providing a timeline for updates on something. Or if you want me to make something in my spare time.